Implantable Artificial glomerulus

 New idea for chronic renal failure patients


When your kidney function is lost, you cannot alive without hemodiaysis treatment, peritoneal dialysis treatment or kidney transplantation. Usually, the hemodialysis is selected to maintain the patient life, but this treatment requires 3 times dialysis per week and more than 4 hrs. dialysis for each treatment. Also, treatment cost is very expensive. The patient must accept severe treatment and care to prolong his life.


To escape from this hard condition, we are now planning to make an artificial implantable glomerulus.



Glomerular function is just filtration of blood. It is available to artificially make with hollow fiber filter. Renal tubule has so deep functions, we can make copy only few parts of them. But patients will make their life without hemodialysis treatment only by this artificial implantable glomerulus.


This is our challenge!!!

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