Contamiless Sampling Port

 Contamiless Sampling Port


This is a solute sampling port for bacteria control, such as hemodiaysis dialysate. Sampling cap seals top and bottom screw, and no bacteria can release to the main stream.
Cap has long elastomer stroke for puncture needle. Bacteria on a cap surface cannot growth to the main stream.


Available needle size : 19 - 24 G
Cap Life : 1 to 5 times of puncture, depends on needle size
Proof Pressure with virgin cap : 1.3@kg/cm2, 130 kPa, 990 torr, 19 psi
Maxmum te‚parature for heat sterilization : 95 C, 203 F
Adjustable tube size : 5.0 mmID, 6.4 mmID
Port material :
     for 5.0 mmID - Stainless SUS316L
     for 6.4 mmID - Stainless SUS316L, Polycarbonate




Schema of sampling port with cap


Stainless sampling port for 5.0 and 6.4 mmID tube


Plastic sampling port for 6.4 mmID tube

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